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Based in Chicago, we protect the rights of individual property and business owners throughout the Midwest and nationwide.

An Experienced Team

The government has experienced attorneys on its side, and you deserve the same. We have the knowledge and skills to protect your rights and your property.

Eminent Domain

We devote 100% of our practice to eminent domain cases, representing only private property and business owners, never the government.

Fighting For The Rights Of Property Owners

It is a daunting reality – the government has the power to take privately owned property for public use. At Foran, O'Toole & Burke LLC, we understand that receiving a notice that part or all of your property is going to be taken by the government is intimidating.

Many owners are told by government negotiators that their property may suffer from environmental contamination, zoning violations or other problems. Consequently, many owners simply concede, accepting the government’s offer without exploring their options. Others may attempt to negotiate with the government on their own, getting a slightly better settlement.

The attorneys at Foran, O'Toole & Burke LLC have a record of success helping property and business owners secure higher compensation for their property in these cases. We only get paid if we increase the compensation above the government’s offer.

Experienced, Successful And Your Advocate

If your property is under consideration or designated for acquisition by the government, it is important to use the time prior to the filing of the eminent domain case to maximize the property’s value, avoid pitfalls, strategize and negotiate.

The counsel of an experienced and successful eminent domain attorney is invaluable during this period. With decades of combined experience, we can help you determine the best next steps to prepare for or avoid an eminent domain case.

Understanding Your Options

Case Results

Golf Course

Total Acquisition by Park District

Offer: $7,000,000
Recovery: $15,500,000
Increase: $8,500,000

Office Building

Total Acquisition by Proviso Township

Offer: $8,000,000
Recovery: $16,500,000
Increase: $8,500,000

Industrial Building

Expansion of McCormick Place

Offer: $2,870,000
Recovery: $9,450,000
Increase: $6,580,000