Defending Property Owners’ Rights

“Eminent domain” is something most people only hear about when it becomes a problem for them. When the government decides to take or use your private property for public use, property owners often feel like there is nothing they can do to defend themselves. Although you cannot always stop the eminent domain process, you can still defend your rights as a property owner.

The attorneys at Foran, O'Toole & Burke LLC have decades of experience representing property owners in eminent domain cases. We are committed to helping you secure the best outcome possible in these acquisitions, and we welcome challenging cases. You can learn more about our attorneys here:

Why You Should Choose Us

When you are seeking experienced eminent domain representation, you want to be sure that your attorney is experienced in all aspects of the law related to your concerns. Our firm works exclusively in eminent domain, which grants us the focused knowledge and experience you can count on.

We pride ourselves on how we benefit our clients through the use of our litigation skills and on how we maintain our firm’s reputation as a leading innovator of valuation strategies. You deserve attorneys who will deliver for you.

Our Approach Fuels Our Efforts

At Foran, O'Toole & Burke LLC, we believe that we should be paid only if you receive more money than your original offer.  We are confident our attorneys can increase the compensation you receive for your property.

Begin Protecting Yourself Today

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